04 February 2014


There are many things I left unsaid for 2013.

Many things I chose to not share here.  And I gradually faded away from my online presence, wrapped into a shell of myself.  

2013 was one of the best years of my life.
I married my best friend.
My sister blessed us with a nephew on the Fourth of July.
I chose to follow my dreams and enroll in cosmetology school in October.

But amidst these moments of bliss, there was a LOT of heartache.

I lost two of my uncles over summer 2013, and I retreated into the black hole of my self that I found in 2007 after the death of my grandfather.
Prior to my grandfather's passing, I hadn't come very close to death.
I had no coping mechanisms.
I still struggle with my grief and reactions in situations like these.  The tears always come later.

In addition to losing my family members, the mother of one of my husband's best friends (and if we're going to be honest, the mother of several of our best friends, because that whole family is a package deal) passed away shortly after Christmas.  It was not an easy thing to deal with, coming so shortly on the heels of losing others I cared so deeply about, and I am struggling with this latest loss as  well.

But a new year brings a chance of hope.
A chance to live to its fullest, and take all opportunity that is thrown my way.
I am already struggling to juggle my new marriage with work, school, and a second "job" (I am now a Tastefully Simple direct sales consultant! YAY!), and I only expect it to get harder before it gets better
But there is always tomorrow...

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