25 March 2013

In a nutshell.

There are about a million things I've wanted to write you about over the last couple of weeks.
I've started posts about my wonderful bridal shower, stressing over wedding plans, even started conjuring up a delicious recipe post.

But my mind simply will not focus on a task.
I've still been struggling with migraines, no matter what I do to try to prevent them.  And they like to come up at the most inconvenient of times.  I think it is very closely related to stress in general.

As I'm already stressing out about wedding stuff {namely, invited guests RSVPing with more than the intended invitees, with no clear cut way to tell them there is no way they can come} an added layer of stress related to money {or lack thereof thanks to my chronic migraines} has decided to crop up as well.  My mind keeps spinning, and there is just no shut off point.

Two weeks ago {or was it just over a week??} my uncle was taken into the hospital due to complications following a hernia surgery {specifically, some idiot nurse in the ER had taken his blood pressure while IV's were in the arm, causing clotting, which in turn had spread and his leg and arm to swell}.  His complications while in the hospital have only just finally come to head, and he will need additional surgery {and a ton of prayers, if you're willing to add him to your list} before he begins to get better, finally.  And all I can do is worry about him as well.  He's only 52, been healthy as a horse all his life... it  is incredibly scary to see someone who's been a constant in your life have to deal with something like that.  

I keep worrying about everything.  Last night I had a nightmare that it was my wedding day {though for some reason I was getting hitched at the food court at the mall...wtf?} and I hadn't gone through the song list with the DJ so nothing was played that I wanted to hear.  And that the cake was delivered in pieces and set on the floor, where it was promptly smashed and I recall threatening to bring litigation to the bakery {no lie, I said that in my dream. yupp}.  If the cake does end up getting smashed in real life, there's not a thing to be done about it anyway.  And there is no way I'd let the DJ show up without knowing what the song lineup was going to be.

Am I just a control freak with no outlets to control things??

But really, am I?

15 March 2013

Dear Friday...

dear doctor's office: an hour is not an acceptable wait time for a fifteen minute appointment.  it's just not.  dear sinuses: please please please don't show any abnormalities!! kind of nervous after getting an x-ray finally...but if abnormalities do show up at least it'll be an answer to why i keep having these headaches and issues.  dear fiance: we're officially under the two month mark...can you believe it?!?! dear friends and family: i am so excited to see so many of you tomorrow at my bridal shower!!

dear readers:
some of you (or probably most of you!) have heard that google is going to be doing away with GFC...so I am inviting all of you to swoop on over to bloglovin' and follow my blog!

13 March 2013

Totally Nerdy Wedding Inspiration.

I bring you some of the greatest wedding ideas ever.
Courtesy of Pinterest.

I am almost wishing I'd have seen that Batman thing before we chose colors and bought stuff - because how classy and amazing is that??

And I seriously laughed out loud at those action figure boutineers.

Happy Wednesday Loves!

And to those of you joining me from My So Called Chaos, Welcome!!!

08 March 2013

Men don't make passes...

At girls who wear glasses.

At least that's how the song goes.
I beg to differ.
When I wear glasses, the "sexy secretary" and "naughty librarian" comments just don't stop.
Maybe I'm just that irresistible.

Or maybe it's my new glasses from Firmoo.

I have seen a few Firmoo reviews around blogland now, but I had to try it out for myself.  So when I was contacted to receive a free pair of glasses, I was more than excited to participate.

Two things about me:
1:  I love a good deal.
2:  I am blinder than a damn bat.

These two things led me to Firmoo like a moth to flame.  For one thing, I have horrible vision, so for me, glasses and contacts are a necessity.  And do you know how expensive glasses are?  The last (cheap) pair I got from the Walmart vision center cost me about $100.  I don't know about you, but I do not have the money to shell out for glasses, especially around $100 a pair! And those are just the cheap pairs...the frames alone can cost $200, and lenses are even more expensive.  Even without the amazing offer of a free first pair, Firmoo has great pricing, and there aren't hidden costs.  The price for the glasses is for the FULL pair of glasses.  Not the frames alone, leaving you to still spend an ungodly amount on the lenses.

Firmoo's easy to use website also allows you to "try on" glasses by simply uploading your picture to the site, to see if the frames suit your face or not.  Personally, I was too lazy to utilize this feature, but the sample image was of a woman with a similar face shape so I "tried" the glasses on her first, and decided that I liked them enough to choose them.

The other thing that really stood out to me on Firmoo's site, was that I was able to choose two different pupillary distances when inputting my prescription information.  I have a lazy eye, so my two pupils aren't in the same location in both of my eyes.  Coastal.com also has a first pair free deal going on, but their site doesn't allow for this distinction!

After placing my order, I was excited and pleased to find my glasses had arrived within a week!  And not only did I get glasses, the package included a hard eyeglass case with a cleaning cloth, a soft case, and a packet of tools to fix a loose glasses screw.  

Are you interested in getting a new pair of glasses?  Check out Firmoo's first pair free program!  I know I'll be back for more pairs soon!

*these glasses were provided at no charge, for a product review on my blog.  all of these opinions stated are my own. 

February Cara Box Swap Reveal!

In case you haven't heard of it, each month the lovely Kaitlyn at Wifessionals puts together a box swap.  This swap is called Cara Box (cara meaning friend), and is a great way to meet some new wonderful bloggers and begin friendships with these wonderful women across the blogosphere!

I was lucky enough to be a part of the February Cara Box swap, and the theme was #clubsexy.  In other words, it was our mission to create a box full of items to create a fun date night for our partners!  And on top of that, Kaitlyn went out of her way to pair us up so that our partners were from the same state (in case any of us were able to meet up for the exchange!)  Unfortunately my meeting will have to be postponed, but t was so much fun to put together a box of goodies for my partner Laura (she's totally awesome by the way. If you haven't checked out her blog do so immediately!!) I filled her box with some goodies to make herself feel sexy (and to invoke thoughts of warmth, after this brutal winter we've had in WNY!), and a great recipe book (because sometimes just making dinner with your guy is the best date!)  You can see her box reveal here.

My box came from the amazing Janna, at Faith, Love, Hope. I was so excited at the unexpected box that turned up at my place of work!  (She sent it via UPS, and my local UPS driver isn't the best, so I make sure the guys in my shipping/receiving department always snag my packages before they are delivered to the wrong address!)  I was so excited to see she'd packed the box full of supplies for what my fiance and I do best - cuddle on the couch for movie night!  She included a super cozy fleece blanket, loads of yummy candy, movie theater popcorn, and best of all - an old Marilyn Monroe movie!!  One I haven't even seen yet!  I have her films Some Like It Hot and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, but Janna included The Prince and the Showgirl, and I am soooo thrilled to be able to watch this great old film with my man!!  Thank you so much Janna!!

01 March 2013

Not an average Friday.

Usually, when I post on a Friday, I participate in some sort of link up.
I love linkups.  They're fun, and I generally find at least one new blog to follow.

As I sat at my computer starting to write today's post (because let's face it, Fridays are when I most regularly post something, thanks to those linkups), I just wasn't feeling a Friday's Letter post, or anything like that.

This past week has been a bit of one for soul searching for me, in a lot of ways that don't even make sense.  Although, it all spins back down to the same thing...an issue that probably lies heavily on the hearts of many women.

When you really think about it, it's such an arbitrary thing.  Weight is simply a measure of the Earth's gravitational pull on mass.
Why should it matter if I "weigh" 140 pounds or 240pounds?
Because the clothes I like don't fit??

I read this post on Rachel's blog, and I got pissed.
Like, seriously and truly upset.  Not at Rachel, but at that stupid StitchFix place.
And then I started thinking about all the clothing stores I've had to not purchase from, because nothing fit me properly (or nothing fit me at all).  Granted, I'm 26 and could probably do with not shopping at junior stores anymore...but the alternative seems to be dressing like an elderly lady, and while I love me some 80 year old women, I'd rather not dress like I'm going to my own funeral.   I know I'm not very small, but...I don't even fit into plus sized clothing.  Seriously.  It's all too big.  (Except bras.  Totes hafta buy that shizzzz at Lane Bryant.  38DDD's ya'll. boom) And yet...why is other clothing too small?  Why am I forced to feel as though I need to lose weight to fit into something?!?!?!

And then, I read this article on xoJane, and it completely reaffirmed my feelings.
Clothing companies are bullshit.
Who the hell comes up with these sizes anyway??  There are stores that my aunt can't buy from, because they don't make clothes small enough, and stores I can't buy from because their size extra large is approximately the same size as a children's blouse.
Why does the fashion industry consistently mess with our heads?
And why the hell can they not figure out how to make larger shirts LONGER instead of just WIDER???  (All the width in the world will not help keep my boobs inside my shirt, fyi.)

My name is Traci.
I weigh 187 pounds.
I ate doublestuff Oreos for breakfast.
I think I'm really pretty.  Like, really really pretty.
I don't give a shit if you think I'm fat.
Also, I have superhero boobs.

Happy Friday.