01 June 2012

fridays letters.

i don't know why, but this is one of my favorites of us. <3
a pretty daisy from my friend's garden...complete with bumblebee!!

dear fiance: sorry you're the one who ends up getting the brunt of all my manic energies...both good and bad.  we should probably get a punching bag. and in case you didn't know, i love you. dear today: while the rain is highly needed and thus appreciated, please stop making my head hurt iwth your barometric pressure changes.  dear last run: i am so eating your delectable chicken wings tonight whilst listening to my friends play amazing music.  dear mom: thank you for not totally laughing in my face today when i proudly presented you with a penny from your birth year, only to have you point out that it wasn't.  dear jeans: please don't rip out in the crotch region today. i know you're wearing thin, but please, hold on for one more day.  dear debit card: stop luring me into spending more money than i want to. why are you still in my wallet?!?  dear new laptop: hurry up and get here so I can use the computer at home again!  dear redneck neighbor: seriously, the next shouting match i hear between you and your husband, i am calling the police.  and really, what is the need for a shouting match with another neighbor over your stupid dog at 1030 at night on Memorial Day?  there are leash laws, dumbass. 

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