08 July 2012

What did you do today, Traci?

Oh ya know, the usual.
Stalked Pintrest for like a zillion years.
Then spent several hours going through engagement pictures, editing, re-editing, exiting without saving and having to edit again...in order to bring you...

{ok, pretty much for me, as i'm seriously obsessed}
Some of the Save the Date's I've been {obsessively} creating!
And honestly, I'm trying to DIY as much of this wedding as I can...
Well to a point.
But most definitely the Invites & Save the Date's & my bouquet (one of those pretty brooch bouquets!)

Calendar template:  {weddingchicks}
Flower brushes:  {inknest}

And here are some I made up myself:
this banner is from {inknest} too

I feel like printing like a million of all of these...
Which one's your fave?


Melissa said...

these are awesome!
i like the last one the best! :)

Elyse Alexandria said...

I like the second one the best! I love the picture and it's so clever!

Heather Marie said...

LOVE the first one! I am a fellow to be MRS and we just did our save the dates too... new follower!