11 August 2012

3 personality traits. {blog challenge #6}

The sixth thing on the blog challenge is to write about three personality traits I'm proud of.
{it is harder to write this much about myself than I'd thought it would be}

1: I'm a total goofball. I really love to make other people laugh.  Or even just smile when they're having a bad day.  I've perfected wacky accents and silly anecdotes and self depreciating comments just for this use.  Seriously.  Also, I always read little kids books in voices.  My cousins love me for it :)

2: I love with my whole heart.  I can't help it.  If I care for you in any capacity, I will go above and beyond to make sure you know it.  I'm exquisitely loyal.  But...I'm also the kind of person who could meet Mother Theresa on a bad day and decide she's the devil.  And my first impressions of people are generally spot on, but when they're not, it takes a LONG time to reform an opinion of anyone.

3: Though I'm a worrier at heart, I am always an optimist.  I generally prepare myself for the worst, but I always expect the best.  I am happy on rainy days because it makes the plants grow.  My dad once told me {because I am the opposite of a morning person, and everyone knows it!} that if you wake up in the morning, and decide to be happy, you will be happy.  Happiness is a choice.  I choose to never stop being happy.

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Ashley said...

these are GREAT qualities to have...seriously, all of them! i'm a big goofball too although I think I think I'm funny more than other people probably do too!

loving with your heart is a good thing but definitely take a lot longer to get over someone huh? i stand by my stance that it's a good thing though.

and who doesnt love an optimist!! I love that you said "happiness is a choice"....great quote!