27 August 2012

Monday, Monday...or, why I lead the most boring life in existance.

Oh hi.

This is what my cubicle looks like.  Well, part of it.  From an on-the-desk angle.
Here you can observe me in my natural habitat.
Note the Monster Rehab and the eight zillion pictures of self & fiance.
And also, the Valentine's Day mug that is my daily coffee mug.
{do you know how much i hate valentine's day?}
{i guess having to watch someone die will do that to ya}

So this weekend, because it is inching ever closer to autumn, I decided to head to the mall to find some new wardrobe staples for fall, especially since my mall now has Free People and H&M and Anthropologie.  And ya know what I found?  A big fat wad of nothing at all.
{this is what happens when you drag your fiance to the mall with you. he was not happy to be dragged around the mall, though i just spent AGES in his stupid comic book shop. and they didn't even have the walking dead book i need! arghhhh}

You know something is wrong when you can't even get up the gumption to buy new clothes.

simple fall

{what i would have gotten had i been in the shopping mood. i really want that sweater especially...i should just buy it online...}

And there you have it. Most boringest post ever.

Have a lovely week, all :)

{OH! stay tuned for a big giveaway on Thursday...cuz it's my birthday!!!}

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