06 September 2012

5 lovely little things

When I started this blog (alright, admittedly only a few short months ago), about once a week I typed up a list of five things I was particularly thankful for that week.

You'll notice it's been sadly lacking lately.

For the past few months (or, most of the stupid summer), life has been a struggle.
Seriously.  So much stress between my fiance and myself...not a very fun time.
But, things are already starting to get better :)

Five things I'm grateful for:

1: My fiance's new job.  Who knew he'd like being a construction worker so much?
2: My (future) stepdaughter.  This girl is incredible.  Such a sweetheart - we made thank you cards for her grandparents & my mom for her birthday gifts, and I read what she wrote inside them...she's too smart for her age I swear.  Growing up way too fast.
3: My (future) mother in law.  I just got my birthday gift from her...and it is exactly something I wanted to buy for myself but didn't have the money to do so.  And it wasn't really even something I'd mentioned.  Yupp, that's how much on the same wavelength we are.  Awesome.
4: This gigantic bag of Peanut M&M's.  Today, I need that chocolate and peanutty combo.  Yummmm.
5: My family.  Specifically, my little sister who should be having my little nephew at any time now!!  I'm just praying for a safe delivery for her and my nephew.  Also, that it happens soon, because my sister is about done being preggo.

What are you grateful for, today?

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