26 November 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend!

Well as usual, you're about to see exactly ZERO pictures.
Seriously, I stink at the whole "capturing memories with a camera" thing.
{new year's resolution: a picture a day!}

Here's the rundown:
Thursday - dinner with my fiance's family, then my family later.

Friday - clean like a mad woman in preparation of Saturday.

Saturday - wake  up like a little kid on Christmas morning because I'm so excited to have everyone to my house for my FIRST ever holiday meal at my house.  We had my fiance's mom's family over (his parents are divorced, and that part consists of like 7 people so we all fit in my house haha!) and I was SO nervous!  But as it turns out...I am a really good Thanksgiving food cook!

Sunday - wake up early again to decorate the house with Christmas stuff!

Monday morning - i have a cold.  BOO!

All in all, a very amazing holiday weekend, spent with {almost} all of the people I love the very most.

How did your holiday go?

{PS - I will be posting a recipe with pictures of my amazing Thanksgiving stuffing!!  It was soooooo delish! Can't wait to share with you guys!}


Beth W said...

Yay for a successful TG! I hope the cold flees, quickly. And congrats on rocking the Thanksgiving food.

Traci said...

Congrats on hosting your first successful thanksgiving! :)