14 December 2012

WTF Friday.

Well really.
Probably one of the most effed up Fridays ever.

What's with that shooting in Newtown, CT?!?!?
I cried today for those poor babies and their families...what is wrong with people?!

Like that guy who carved a huge pentagram into his six year old son's back because it was 12.12.12.
The shooting at that mall a few days ago.
The guys who plotted to kill Justin Bieber.

And don't we have missiles in Turkey now too?
{that's how the Cuban Missile Crisis happened in the 1960's, yo}

Really, WTF Friday?


On more personal WTF Friday notes...
Thanks to the amazing giveaway I helped cohost with Wifessionals and some other lovely bloggy friends, this morning I had 214 followers with GFC.
Now I have 212.
Well, sorry for being boring!  Let not the door hit yer arse on yer way oooot!

I just noticed, as it's nine on a Friday night and I'm beached on le couch in my jammies, as I was watching the opening credits of National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation...that the family name before Griswold on Santa's list...is Grimes.
Yeah, like Rick Grimes.
Like the Walking Dead main character.

Ok that is all.
Oh, and earlier I went to a party with my fiance {clearly fun, as evidenced by my being home at nine on a Friday night} and I looked cute.  It was a sad waste though - there were people there in their pajamas, I kid you not.  I would have instagram proof, but alas, the white zinfandel was kickin in.


shannon said...

PJs?! at the holiday work party?! what?!

Kate as of Late said...

Pjs??? Ahh! And I totally get what you mean about it being a waste, I HATE that! Don't they know how much effort it goes into getting ready? Lol
But hey, I'd take national lampoon over a boring party any day!
And yes, I agree with you this was definitely one of the most messed up Fridays ever. :(

Beth W said...

I hadn't heard about the pentacle thing- people like that give my religion a bad name. But there's no antidote to whackjobs and psychos, sadly.

On a positive note....go you for rocking the sexy, and keeping it classy. Who goes to a party in their PJs?! Oy.

I hope your weekend has been faaaaabulous!

Beth W said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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