31 January 2013

Coffee Talk :)

Linking up with Nat :)

1. When eating a taco, do you turn your head or do you turn the taco???
I don't eat tacos.  I really hate taco meat (though I have partially converted to the morningstar veggie crumbles as an alternative and have been known to eat those!), and I even more hate hard shelled tacos. 

2. Chocolate chip cookies or oreos??
Both.  I love cookies.
Also, have you seen that recipe on pintrest for chocolate chip cookies stuffed with oreos??  Gotta make those soon...

3. What's the craziest thing you've ever been asked to do and DID?
Probably when my friend Cat first asked me to do burlesque with her.  I still can't believe I'm capable of doing that kind of thing...but I do it anyway :)
yupp, c'est moi.
4. Never have I ever__________________.
written and sent a fan letter.  I have come close...I think I wrote six drafts of a letter to James & Oliver Phelps (ya know, the Weasley twins in the Harry Potter movies...) but ultimately never sent it out.

5. Would you rather be broke and happy or rich and sad?
Broke and happy. Every day.


Sarah Kil said...

Wow, Sexy Lady! :D You're so daring, but I love it!!!
You should have sent those fan letters out... WHY NOT?! Hahaha!

Beth W said...

A burlesque routine...good for you! That looks empowering. :)

Erin O'Riordan said...

Oh my FG, you have a fabulous, gorgeous body! You're a burlesque goddess!

(I'm not flirting with you, just impressed. And a little jealous.)

Adrienne Rose said...

Wow! Look at how amazing your boobs are! I am totally jealous!

I hate hard shelled tacos too! I always get a piece that stabs me in the gum. PAINFUL.