06 February 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Since I've been spending so much time planning my wedding lately, which is causing me a ton of stress, I have found that browsing around on Pintrest is one of my favorite new ways to destress and find cool new ideas for everything from home decor to how to make little kids eat veggies.

So I decided that Wednesdays should be a day for me to share What I'm Loving with all of you!

{tutorial here}
Gel Mani at home?  Awesome.
walking dead workout :). Maybe I'll actually lose some weight this spring!
whoever came up with this was a genius.
love this
LOVE this outfit. gorgeous.

I really want one of these iPhone cases.

I am obsessed with monograms lately. Like this. And this one. And here's another...

Sugar skulls are always awesome.

These dresses are gorgeous...I should buy one.

I need new glasses.  These are super cute.

So what are you loving this Wednesday?

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