26 April 2013

Our Story...part one.

I originally published this post in March of 2012.  Since I've been a horribly slacking blogger lately, and more importantly, it's now TWO WEEKS til my Big Day, I decided to re-share it all with you now. 

Here is my proposal story.

I hope you love it :)


You know I’m newly engaged and beginning to plan the Big Day, but of course you always have to know how the proposal went.  It’s the most romantic part, isn’t it?  And really, the biggest deal, since it’s the beginning of the rest of it. 

Firstly, I was the one to propose. 

I don’t know exactly what it was that tipped the scales.  I’ve known to the deepest part of me that he is my soulmate.  My absolute other half.  We were friends for ages before we started dating, beginning in high school and then just with MySpace and social networking.  Then came the fateful night that led to the dating…we ran into each other at a rock show.  Which led to more talking, then the invite to hang out, then the rest happened. 

In April of 2010, he officially moved in with me.  We redecorated my little house a bit, and I gave him a man cave so he could have his own room (because I know how badly everyone needs private space…I know I do!).  So as it’s been occurring to us that we’ve successfully lived together for nearly a year, we’ve been making more and more jokes about getting married eventually and never really thought much about it.  We never figured there was a reason to rush it.   But if there's no reason to rush it, then there's also no reason to keep waiting.  Everyone could always use more money or a better job, but that's not a real enough reason to not marry your soulmate.  All of that stuff can change at any moment anyway, no matter how rich or poor you are. The only real reason I could even think up to NOT propose to him was that “the guy should be the one to propose”.  But why?  Nothing about us is traditional to begin with.  We’ve already been through rich & poor, and sickness and health.  And survived it. 

And then I found these:

Since my fianc√© is such a huge Star Wars fan, I HAD to do it.  So I asked him. In my car. In our driveway. At approximately four am on a Saturday night (Sunday morning?)

And he said YES.


Beth W said...

YAY! Everything about that makes me grin- the rings, the non-traditional, but especially the joy of you two soulmates cementing the commitment you've already made in your hearts. Are you doing a Star Wars-themed wedding? ;)

Allie Gunter said...

Aw, so sweet :) Congrats!
Newest follower here!!


The Lovely One said...

I love those rings! That's such a cute engagement story!