23 May 2013

Love is Patient, Love is Kind...

Well, it's been nearly two weeks since I became a Mrs.
It's funny, how something that seems so hugely monumental, can totally end up being no big deal.

For over a year we planned and planned and planned for our Big Day.
Spent hours agonizing over colors, centerpieces, venue, food.
And ya know what?  I have no idea what my bouquet even looked like.
I don't remember seeing anyone's boutineers.
I cannot tell you what my cake looked like.
Honestly...I was fairly bored most of the wedding day.

I woke up early, having not been able to sleep.
{a great combination of nerves and my stepdaughter sleeping sideways with me...kids are thrashers!}
I kind of fiddled around getting ready.
EVERYTHING ended up taking much less time than I'd planned for.
So, I got my hair done at ten, had my makeup done afterwards...so here it was, noon, and I'm all set except the dress, sitting in a room full of my girls getting ready, and I had pretty much nothing to do. 
I really got to the point where I just wanted it to be over with.
All this build up, all this anticipation...
And the ceremony was over with in like ten minutes.

Followed by a whirlwind of pictures
{in which we got photobombed by Japanese tourists}
{i'm not kidding}
{side effect of taking pictures at Niagara Falls}
Then a bomb.com dinner
and a special appearance by our friends' band.
{which was the best part, except the cake}

At some point, I will post some pictures.
{and by that, I mean when the best photographer in the world is finished making them prettier}
Oh, and re-hash the ol' honeymoon.


Traci said...

Yup, that's exactly how my wedding went. I totally enjoyed are karaoke bar after party way better! But I figure at least we have the pictures to show the kids ;) you looked amazing btw!

Beth W said...

Aw, yay! It stands to reason, given the immense amount of energy that goes into that one day. But you know, people who were there will remember the bouquet, the corsage, the words. And they'll treasure that. :)
Also, that's good to know about timing...I think, when my day comes, I'll also allow extra time, but keep some bottles of wine in the prep room so the bridesmaids and I can pass any downtime more quickly. Thanks!

The Lovely One said...

congratulations! Can't wait to see pictures!