07 May 2013

Things I Just Don't Understand.

1:  It is the year 2013.  We can now send emails from our phones...not to mention browsing the internet, take pictures, play games...  Why do people still insist on FAXING??  Especially when the machine is located in my cubicle and makes annoying noises all. day. long. whilst the facsimile in question refuses to go through?

2:  Socks and Sandals.  Seriously?  If you're worried about blisters, get a bandaid.  Feet cold?  Invest in some sneakers.  But please do not wear socks with your sandals.

3:  Roadside crosses.  Ya know, the ones that people put up in spots where their loved one has died in a horrific accident.  I understand the sentiment...but if people always put crosses up where someone died, the whole darn planet would be covered!  Also, that is why gravesites exist - for the living to mourn.

4:  How do people NOT like "Gangnam Style"?  It's so catchy.

5:  Why do I always wake up with bruises randomly scattered on my body?  I know I'm clumsy, but really.  I am pretty glad I'm not wearing a short wedding dress...I walk into things far too often.  Whoops.

6:  Mullets.  Really.

7:  Also, how can people not love "Achy Breaky Heart"??  I know the nineties are behind us, but I love me some Billy Ray Cyrus.  LOVE.

8:  Why are baby noises the same as dinosaur noises?  Don't get me wrong, totes adorbz, but I feel like something went wrong during evolution...

9:  Unfailingly, as soon as all of my nails are the same, perfect length...one will break.  WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING TO ME??!?

10:  The noble platypus.  Good joke, mother nature.  WTF.  Also in this category...the mighty narwhal.


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Beth W said...

Amen! #8 cracks me up...we used to call my best friend's baby the Nazgul...he sounded just like one when he screamed. Which was often, as he was very colicky. That scream could make eardrums bleed, I swear.