04 August 2013

PJ Party Swap Reveal!!

Well before I start this, I should say...I suck at taking pictures lately.  Even my instagram feed is alarmingly dull as of late.  So you guys are stuck with a crappy pic from ig. Sorry.

Remember my last post about this awesome swap over at CG Swaps?
Well, here is the big reveal!  My partner was Bethany over at Happily Rambling.  I am so happy to have had the chance to get to know her through her blog and our emails.  We have a lot in common :)

I was SO excited to get my swap package in the mail!  My life has been a bit blue lately (I will be posting more about this to come) and finding it on my porch was the best pick up!  

She included rad PJ's (check out the outer space tank top! perfect for a trekkie like moi), a mini version of Apples to Apples, a fantastic scrub she made herself, face masks I cannot wait to try out, and super yummy chocolate almonds because I told her about how I'm trying to make healthier decisions so she totally rocked it with those! 

And last but not least, she even send me a second package, straight from Amazon...
A copy of the book World War Z!!!  I was so excited, I just saw the movie and I'm fairly obsessed with all zombie things lately and I was so excited.  Yes I said that a few times.  I am still excited. Okay?  Ok.

Thank you so much for everything Bethany!!  I had a blast!

You can check out the package I sent to Bethany here.  I had as much fun putting this together as I did getting things sent to me!  



Beth W said...

Ohmygosh that universe top is gorgeous! It looks soft, too. And Blue Diamond cocoa almonds are like crack (those, and the dehydrated peas from Trader Joe's are my snack obsessions). I'm so glad you and Bethany got on- you're both awesome, amazing, delightful folk. Yay! Thanks for joining us for this one, and World War Z will definitely help you come up with a survival plan for the coming zombiepocalypse. ;)

Miss Angie said...

What a fun package! Seriously so great! I love that tie-dye bit! Bethany is fantastic, I knew you'd hit it off!

Sorry life has been so blue!

Jennifer Haas said...

The jammies are sooo pretty!!! I wish I would've thought to add a game lol.

Bethany said...

Glad you like it all!!!

Bethany said...

Glad you like it all!