29 March 2012

5 Lovely Things. Part Deux.

1:  Tonight is my (future) step-daughter's spring music recital!  (or concert...whatever it is they call it in elementary school).
actually an old picture...she's only like 6 here, but it's too darn awesome.
2: I found a $10 in my wallet this morning, allowing me to get a deliciously unhealthy breakfast from ye olde McDonald's.  Oh iced mocha, how I LOVE thee...

3: Did I tell you how much I adore selling on Etsy?  Like, when I actually make a sale?  Here's to you, random awesome Italian guy for buying so much pretty stuff!
4: Looking forward to getting this in the mail soon!
Noella Beautyworks
5: The loveeee.  <3
Like two days after we got engaged :)

Also, don't forget to enter the Spring Goody Bag Giveaway! over at DondaLee's!  You won't regret it...there are some seriously amazing goodies in that thing :)

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Heather Everson said...

I love it when I find cash in my pocket!