28 March 2012


I am not a religious person.  I wasn't raised in a household that went to church (I wasn't ever baptised), and only experienced church a few times when going to Sunday school with relatives.  Organized religion is a completely confusing thing to me.


When I take a good hard look at my life, I have been truly blessed by someone or something.  There is not really much in my world that's bad.  And there is so much goodness in my every day.  Even the crappy days when I feel like feeling sorry for myself.  (Like yesterday, for instance...yikessss)

Every day I get to come home to a fiance who makes me smile so much my cheeks hurt.

Every day I get to see my dad and kiss him on the cheek.

Every day I get to wake up in my own home, surrounded by things of my own choosing.

Every day I get a chance to start fresh...

Today, I vow to
Be lovely.
Be amazing.
Be free.
Be faithful.
Be brave.

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