20 March 2012

5 Lovely Things

Today is the first day of SPRING!

Every day, I try to come up with a list of five good things about the day.  This is especially helpful on days when I'm overly stressed, sick, or overall miserable.  It makes me take a moment to recapture my perspective and remember the many positives in life.

Today's Five:
1: First day of Spring!  The weather is super duper awesome, complete with sun and above average temperatures.  AND yesterday I found my first spring flower growing in my front yard :)

2: My hair looks amazing, thanks to this tutorial!  (Plus it's out of my face and off my neck, a great bonus to this hairstyle!)


3: I painted my fingernails bright orangy coral over the weekend, and just looking at the bright color makes me smile.

4: I recently splurged on myself a bit and got some new cosmetics from SweetPea & Fay.  I'm wearing this awesome pink lip gloss called "Sailor's Delight".

5: I get to come home to this guy.

What are some of your lovely things about today?

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