16 March 2012

I've been nominated for a Liebster Blog award :)

As I'm just beginning this new blog, and this new phase in my life, I am honored to have received the Liebster Blog award from Ruth at http://gabbysquilts.blogspot.com  Thank you so very much for honoring me!

I am nominating:

Sandy @  http://quiltincats.blogspot.com
Kristin @ http://rewelliottstyle.blogspot.com
Brandi @ http://thebeatniq.blogspot.com
Jeanna @ http://barnyardchic.blogspot.com
Sabrina @ http://thedoubtfulpixie.blogspot.com

Make sure to check out their lovely blogs <3


1 comment:

Sandy Weaver said...

Thank you Traci! I really do appreciate your nominating my blog for this award!