23 March 2012

Bits of fact.

We've established by now that I enjoy talking about myself, right?  Right.  I just can't help it.  I'm the oldest of five siblings...I grew up needing to shout to be heard.  Talking about myself is just kind of a runoff of that.  Sort of.  Plus I'm reallllyyyy chatty.

Well, here are some random bits of info about me.  Because I can.

- I can't deal with sad endings.  At all.  In fact, I primarily read cheesy romance novels and sci fi because it's rarely deep enough to make you even THINK of something sad.  This is also the reason I rarely watch chick flicks.  Sooo not my thing unless there's a definite happy ending involved.

- I don't generally wear makeup to work, so I go about five days a week with a nekkid face.  BUT I am slightly totally obsessed with cosmetics in general.  I think I own about six billion different shades of purple eye shadow.  This store is my current fave:  SweetPea&Fay  Seriously they're amazing.

- My favorite part of getting to spend an evening with my man, is our spontaneous interpretive dance parties. Like, to this:

- I realllllyyyy love the Walking Dead.  Like, a LOT.  It's probably unhealthy.  & Not just the show, the comic books too.  Soooo much.  I'm already jonesing for the new season...and trying not to get through the books too quickly!

Now tell me some fun randomness about you :)

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