24 March 2012

What I do on Friday nights.

Two things you should know:
1: My fiancé (I never get sick of that word!) is a bartender.
2: We share a car.

The bar my fiancé (ahh there it is again!) works at is about a twenty minute drive from where we live, so on nights he works (ie, the weekend) I am left without a mode of transport.  Which isn’t a huge deal, and would be even less of a big deal if we lived somewhere say…within walking distance of anything besides a church and a cemetery.  And a fire hall.  But as we’re pretty much stuck out in the country, when he’s got the car, I’m stuck at home. 

After working all week long, most Fridays consist of me laying on the couch for a couple of hours catching up on my stories before diving into craft-land and making new pretty things for my Etsy shop.  Some Fridays I don’t even make it that far, and fall asleep on the couch first instead. 

This week though, on account of superbly unseasonable weather (where the high this time of year is usually around 40 degrees, it’s been hovering around 70!), my spring cleaning instinct has kicked in with a fury.  I’ve let all the indoorsy housekeeping type work alone for awhile…mostly because my fiancé (yay!) wasn’t working for a couple of months and since I was (paying all the bills and having to work full time AND deal with busy Etsy Christmas season) I was (trying to) make him take on more of the housekeeping work that I’d normally do.  Ummm…EPIC FAIL.  I love my fiancé (can’t stop saying typing it) but he’s not so cut out for the keeping things tidy.  Not that I’m the greatest, but I’m working on it.

So, this past Friday, having been bitten quite hard by that cleaning bug, I spent THREE hours (3 whole hours!) cleaning and rearranging my living room!  I must say, I’m quite pleased with the results.  The loveseat is now close enough to the TV for the fiancé (hehe) to play his beloved Xbox without squinting, and there’s a nice walkway through to the kitchen/dining room areas.  Much bettah!  I would totally have posted a “before” picture, had I thought of it…but oh well.  Here’s the “after”!

Alright.  In retrospect, it's clearly not *that* clean.  But in my defense, I totally lost steam when all that was left was clearing off the coffee table.  AND my man-piece had just used the couch as a bed, and the living room as his bedroom (hence the backpack, and assorted clothing stuff on the couch).  And he *might* be a bit annoyed at the totally unflattering picture of him shirtless, sitting on the floor (I have no idea what he was doing).

At least these pictures show off some of the awesome art on our walls.  You can find some here:
Roll&Tumble Press
Little Canoe

Hope ya'll have a fabulous weekend!!

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SleightGirl said...


I try to do a big clean once a month, but usually by the time the downstairs is done I've totally given up.