31 March 2012

Blog Button

I've gotta take a second here to give myself some major props here...because I generally stink at figuring stuff out on my own, and I'm OWNING lately at figuring out how to do stuff myself.  Woot woot.  

Anyways.  I always see other people's blog buttons on their sidebars, and have wondered for ages how you do that.  

Well, dun dun da dun, thanks to the magic that is Google, I have discovered the secret to creating my own blog button.


Thanks to Photoshop Elements & { Birdesign }'s LOVELY frame sets, and some free online fonts, I created this beaut myself.

And thanks to { mypregnancybaby } it's now findable on my sidebar, for you to grab at your leisure. 

Hope you find this totally useful :)


Rachel Chaos said...

Love it!

Meleah said...

Hey, Traci!! Love the blog, and the button! I followed you, and I think I'm gonna steal one of your buttons for my side bar! I found you through Dondalee's, and I actually won your necklace, and linked to your shop in my latest post! Can't wait to get it in, it's adorable!! {So are you!}
Leah. (:
@ loveandshorts.blogspot.com