02 April 2012

Sort of a tutorial.

I've been working on some new fabric and sewn goods for my shop, largely because I got a new sewing machine for Christmas that I haven't played with much, and I recently rediscovered the huge bin of really neat vintage fabrics I've inherited from my great grandma.  Of course, it was stored in Florida for years, so everything has that lovely mothball aroma to get rid of first!  I started with three of my favorite, most spring-y fabrics, and I'll keep washing the rest as I decide to use it.

I am planning on making a bunch of new clutches and other bags, big and small, but after looking at so many really great bracelets lately, I felt like doing something simple and making a pretty braided bracelet.  This was actually my first time trying this, and I totally make it up as I went, so trust me when I say this is probably the easiest and quickest spring project ever!  Here's what you need:

-Strips of fabric
-Needle and thread

The first thing I did was to cut three long strips of fabric to braid together.  You can use just two pieces, or pretty much as many as you can braid! I left the edges raw, allowing the bracelet to continue to age and fray as you wear it. I folded them in half and made a knot, big enough for the button to fit through.   Then I braided the fabric into a bracelet, long enough to fit comfortably around my wrist (you can measure as you braid).  When I reached the length I wanted, I knotted the end of the braid.  Then I got out my needle and thread, and sewed the knot closed, and added the button. 

Voila!  A cute and pretty spring bracelet (or cuff depending on the width and bulk of your strips!) prefect for wearing all over!

And here are some of the cute things I made with my new sewing machine:

Bright Clutches
I also made a realllly cute patchwork clutch, but had to keep it for me.  It was so darn cute I gotta make about a zillion more though.  Keep your eye on the shop for more of these goodies soon!!
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