31 March 2012

Creative use of Color

Palettes.  Another wonderful time waster...I seriously love making these.  They're way too much fun!!
I totally stole this idea from

The thing is, I have like a gazillion pictures of random stuff (like this heart shaped rock!!) lingering around for no real purpose...but I love all these pictures.  And now I can create color palettes off of any of them.  Super fun, right?  Eh, maybe it's just me. 
Neutral Palette

Softspoken Palette

I have so many more pictures to make into palettes, so you might get to see some of those pretty soon.

What fun new thing have you discovered this week??

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow! I'm SO excited you did this! Way to go! Isn't is a fun time waster?! =)