25 March 2012

This week...

Vintage fabric that was once my great-grandmother's inspired this braided cuff.

finally busted out my new sewing machine...it's amazing.

hot enough for bare feet on my porch!
pink lipgloss and pretty hair.

new clutch, I've been working on designing these for ages!
This week has been pretty amazing.  My fiance and I met our wedding photographers and were able to put down a deposit, thanks to my mama!  They are seriously awesome people...I can't wait to do our engagement session!   I came up with so many more wedding ideas, and some new ideas and designs for my Etsy shop.  I'm expanding to include more fabric & sewn items...since I've figured out my new sewing machine, I want to sew everything!!  



Holly said...

Love that lipgloss! And that's great about the photographers! We had a friend of the family do it, to save money, and I regret not having a professional!

LolitaRose said...

I am SO glad I convinced my fiance we needed good photographers. They're an absolutely wonderful husband and wife duo and I really can't say enough good things about them!! <3