24 March 2012

Strapped in Vinyl

Somewhere along this crazy thought train that keeps spewing out random wedding thoughts, I came up with the brilliant idea to make some vinyl record dessert towers from a tutorial I found on Bubby and Bean and decided to start scoping out local thrift stores.  

So I went on over to the Salvation Army that's right down the street from my place of employment...and BAM!  It was like record overload.  I generally don't look through the records because I never find anything good...and the first time I actually was looking for stuff that wasn't good (ya know, so I wouldn't feel bad about wrecking it to make dessert trays), I  came upon the motherload of records I needed to own.  

Seriously.  Commodores?  Olivia Newton John?  Captain and Tenille? HECK YES.

So now I have all these.

Plus a lot more, cuz I bought like 20 of the things...and four were Kenny Rogers (what can I say? I love his beard), and I have NO clue who Heino is (I think it's big in Germany, as the other records of his the Salvo had had German words.  Or German looking at least) (I just thought it sounded like "heinie" and he looks funny) but now I really need to get my awesome record player from my gramma's house...and figure out how to use it.

Oh, and that tutorial?  Maybe we won't do that...

So tell me:  Any ideas what to do with so many awesome vinyls that doesn't include destroying them?


Sandy Weaver said...

OMG! Talk about bringing back some old memories!
Everything I see created with vinyl records usually means destroying them.
I do like Scott Siebolds of VinylClockWork on Etsy. He makes wonderful vinyl clock creations and keeps the integrity of the old record.

LolitaRose said...

A record clock?? That sounds awesome! I'll have to go check out his shop :)