29 April 2012

About those cupcakes...

Yeah, I totally never made them.
Don't get me wrong, I definitely intended to!  OMGosh can you imagine how yummy they'd be?
When I re-read the tutorial/recipe thingy, I realized...
I don't own a food processor.  Or even a blender.  And one of those is totally necessary to puree the blueberries before putting them in the icing mix.
So I went to Target to find a blender.  Since I have this mocha chip frappe I've never been able to make, due to lack of blender, I figured that'd be a safe thing to buy.
And once I was at Target, I didn't even remember to look at the blenders.
I got totally distracted by cards and books and CD's and clothes.

So no cupcakes.

My omg no cupcakes face. But actually, what my sister and I look like after a really long flight to British Columbia from NY...um yeah, she's always that much tanner than me.  She's like a California girl dropped in the wrong state.

What I did make this weekend (because it turns out that my furnace might require an expensive computer type part that we won't know about entirely until an actual heating person comes to look at it and my house is still cold because mother nature refuses to acknowledge that it's almost May) was definitely delicious though.

Friday night, I made a batch of baked macaroni and cheese.
That's right my friends, home made.
And it was apparently my best mac and cheese EVER.
The fiance even ate it cold and said it was the best ever.
So expect a recipe next time I make it.  Because I took no pictures this time, not realizing the deliciousity it would bring forth.

Saturday I made more brownies from a boxed mix, because I definitely chowed down those other peanut butter brownies. Well, my fiance helped a bit.

Today, I made sausage gravy and biscuits.
Seriously, I'm going to have to start putting recipes up on this thing soon...I am a realllllyyyy good cook.
Case in point, I just made myself super hungry typing all that out.

So, how was ya'lls weekend?



Elyse Alexandria said...

I totally know what you mean about feeling naked without your ring {except when I'm running}. But seriously, whenever I forget to wear it, I feel weird all day.

LolitaRose said...

Yep, it is so weird how some stuff becomes like another body part sometimes!!