27 April 2012

I feel naked.

Today, I forgot to put my engagement band back on after putting in hair junk.
Consequently, I feel naked and keep thinking I lost it someplace...not a fun feeling.
I know it's on my bathroom counter. I hope...

Also,  I'm not wearing any makeup today.
Which is pretty normal at work, but I really wanted to put on pink eyeshadow today.
Not really gonna happen when you get out of bed twenty minutes before having to be at work.

Also, it is the end of April.  And my furnace quit working. (Third time this year, btw.)
Not a big deal, one would think...it's almost May. Plenty warm.
But this is the week it decides to SNOW (okay only Monday but still)
This morning there was ICE on my car.
You can imagine how warm my house is right now.

In an effort to keep my house above freezing temperatures, I've been baking stuff the last couple of nights.
Wednesday, it was pumpkin bread. Yesterday, I made peanut butter fudge brownies.
(Don't get too excited, they were box mixes. Delicious and simple)
(Though I didn't bake the brownies long enough so they're a little gooey)
(Still yummy though)

Today, because it's Friday and I don't do a darn thing with my Friday nights except make pretty things for Etsy, I'm going to attempt a brand spankin' new recipe.
The other day, I came across this amazing looking recipe on JustLove.lyThings (whom I'm sponsoring for the month of April - go check it out!) for Lemon Blueberry Cupcakes.
How delicious does that sound?!?

the recipe

Despite my love of boxed mixes, I am pretty good baker.
So fingers crossed that these turn out correctly!

I will be sure to post pictures tomorrow :)
(unless my kitchen is even messier than I think it is...then it'd be too embarassing)


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