05 April 2012


Last month I decided to invest in Photoshop Elements.  Because Picnik was closing its site and I didn't have another way to edit my Etsy pictures.  At first, I figured I'd just get Photoshop.  It couldn't really be that expensive, right?  HAH. Wrong. So very wrong.

Not willing to spend a fat grand on a photo editing program, I shopped around and found Elements.  The newest version of which I found for around $90, versus $900.  

And immediately upon installation of Photoshop Elements, I fell in LOVE.  It's really pretty easy to use, provided you read directions (which I don't generally, but in this case I had to), and there are a TON of easy online tutorials to follow.   

Then, whilst perusing online tutorials, and being so jealous of how cool other people's pictures look in general, I discovered that there are some Photoshop Actions that have been modified to work in Elements, and there are some Actions created especially FOR Elements.  Which means I can make my pictures look PRO, with a click of a button.   Muy easy.  (That means very easy in fake Spanish).  

There are a ton of great photography blogs out there, and so many awesome tutorials it's hard to pick any of my favorites.  But I did find some uhhhhmazing FREE actions here:  { Pioneer Woman }

So I made these:

My ridiculously gorgeous fiance.  I miss that mustache.

oh hey. I'm just that pretty all the time. Thanks.
These ladies are pretty darn awesome too:

And if you're looking for a way to make, say, a lovely blog header or a Christmas card, look no further than:
Birdesign }

What are your favorite photography tools, hints, tips, tricks, blogs, or shops??



Heather Everson said...

Awesome! I still haven't decided what to do when Picnik closes! I use them to make my shop banners so I made up a ton to last me a long, long time, lol!

.E. said...

look at you go with the editing.. well done..