05 April 2012

Five lovely things.

Today, via the magical addiction that is Pintrest, I found this:


I try every day to be a positive and kind person.

I try to not talk about people behind their backs, or gossip *too* much, or do anything to be actively unkind to anyone.  Granted, there are certain individuals whom I believe the world would be a better place without, but I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, especially when I don't know them very well.

In fact, one of my absolute favorite qualities in my fiance is his inability to be mean to anyone, even (or most especially) when they deserve it.  He has this wonderful innate loyalty that is truly spectacular...once you're his friend, you're his friend to the end.  Always.

And one of my favorite parts about my family, boisterous and nosy though they tend to be, is how broad their definition of family is.  How broad our definition of family is.  Because much like my fiance's definition of friendship is til the end, almost all of our friends become absorbed into the wonderfulness that is my family.  And it is such an amazing feeling to have that much love surrounding you at all times.

Five lovely things:
1: Today, I found my sunglasses!!!  They have been missing since Monday, and they were my last unbroken and un-lost pair.  Huzzah for secret hiding spaces at the bottom of work bags.

My fabulous Betsey Johnson sunglasses...and yes, my collar is popped on my awesome comfy Columbia fleece, thanks.

2: I just got my latest order from TastefullySimple, one of the bestest food sources ever.  Um, sort of pricey depending on what you get, but everything is soooo delish it's so worth it.  But anyways, the lovely part is that my order contained this: 
Sweet Jalapeno Dip Starter
Which, when mixed with cream cheese as shown, tastes just like jalapeno poppers.  To. Die. For. (Um, no, I did not finish the whole bowl of dip myself...my fiance had two chips worth...)

3:  I discovered the name of the flowers I want ever so badly to grace my wedding & reception!  Thanks to a flower seed catalog from a friend at work.  It's not these, but here's a pretty picture of different flowers:

4:  My lovely fiance bought me the next Walking Dead book last night.  I already finished it, which is sad, but it still makes me happy.  

 5:  Tomorrow is FRIDAY.  Which means the next day is Saturday.  Which means I get to go find out whether or not we can have our wedding here: 
Rapids Theatre

Happy Thursday <3

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