04 April 2012

Beauty Files

So I've been reading these Beauty Files over on { JustLove.ly } for the last few weeks, and decided I might as well jump in on this week's Beauty File.  This week is all about face care.  And I'm pretty huge on protecting my pretty lil face :)

Well, firstly...this is me:
Without makeup or anything in my hair.  (but with some photoshopping because the light wasn't particularly flattering)

I have been pretty lucky in having a pretty good complexion for most of my life.  Like really lucky.  BUT for the past year, I've been working in a machine shop...which means being around really icky coolant & really nasty air for eight hours a day.  And I can feel the film it leaves on my skin every day.  Guh-ross.  So lately...my skin hasn't been the greatest.  Thanks to makeup, I can usually cover up any blemishes, but it's still annoying to have to deal with that.

A few weeks ago I was reading over at { LoveLife&Babies } and read about her love of MyChelle face wash and decided to try it out for myself, despite the somewhat pricey price tag.  And I LOVE it.  It makes my skin soo soft & smooth, and definitely does an awesome job at clearing up my skin.  I follow this up in the AM with some Yes to Carrots daily facial moisturizer with an spf of 15 (because sunscreen is super important!)  (I'm really lucky my skin isn't sensitive to sunscreens...my mom and my little brother can't wear anything with spf on their faces without getting all hivey and swelling up)

At night, I use Neutrogena Naturals face scrub and H2O marine moisturizer.

That's just what's been workin' for me for the past few months! 

Make sure to stop over to JustLove.ly to check out more skin care hints, tips, and tricks!


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Lauren Bird said...

Thanks so much for linking up! I like how you posted the picture of you fresh fast and without makeup. I hope to see you linking up in the future!