03 April 2012

Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters!!

It’s only Tuesday, but I am seriously anxious for this weekend to come!  Firstly, it is Easter weekend, which means hanging out with my fiance’s family and getting to eat spectacular food.  Secondly, this Saturday is our appointment to scope out our (hopeful) wedding reception venue! 

We’re looking at the Rapids Theatre in Niagara Falls.  It was built as a movie theater in 1927 (or it was built earlier and converted – it just gives 1927 as the date on the website), and at some time afterwards converted into a concert hall type place.  My fiancé and I went there a couple of years ago for our first “real” Valentine’s Day.  He surprised me with tickets to see my favorite band play (Atreyu, in case you were curious!) and it was a spectacular show.  So when I found out the Rapids does weddings, I REALLY wanted to book it for our wedding! 

Not only is it a really gorgeous old building (with a wraparound bar and balcony!), it is also, supposedly, haunted.  It’s actually been featured on Ghost Hunters last October.  According to my friends that watched the episode (my DVR didn’t record it properly so I’ve never seen it!) they found a bunch of creepy stuff during their exploration.  This kind of creeps me out, but also makes me want to have my reception there even more.  My mother always did say I was her morbid child. 

*fingers crossed* that we land this place.  It’s just too cool.

Wedding Cake

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