16 April 2012

Five. Lovely. Things.

Even though this has been a weird week, there have been so many wonderful things to celebrate.  I hate feeling all keyed up and anxious when I'm not sure of the cause, and that's exactly how this week has been.  Luckily for me, my wonderful fiance is quite used to my craziness by now, so he's been there with various sarcastic comments to perk my mood back up.

Five lovely things to be thankful for.
1: Wednesday was my daddy's birthday!  We got to go out to one of my favorite dinner places for the celebration, and got to have a really interesting conversation with my dad about his birthday gift, which he insisted was sexy underwear before opening it... (It was actually this picture, in a nice frame) He is so weird.

Me & dad, getting ready before my sister Kelli's wedding.
2:  Last week, I was lucky enough to get in on a special that was going on on KnotieTies Facebook page, and snagged some of her awesome hair bands for myself!!  Yes, I do get ridiculously excited over simple purchases, but I just adore these.  Seriously. 

3: So I already mentioned how my fiance is the greatest guy on the planet right?  Well, he's so awesome, he used his GameStop power up rewards points (yeah, apparently they have this program in which you get prizes for having a lot of points?) to buy ME this.  And OMG I'm still super excited about it.

That is "I Heart Zombies", not "I Heart Head".
4: Getting to hang out with my mom, sisters, and aunt on Friday night.  Sometimes I just need a girl's night, and it's so great to be with some of my favorite people when the need strikes.

My mom, covering my face, Kelli, and Nanci in front. NYC, 2010. <3
5: More orders in my Etsy shop!  I would really like to be a stay at home mom eventually, if the man and I have children of our own (or if some circumstance arises leaving us with full custody of his daughter), and if I can get my shop to really take off, it'd be a nice second income for us...but that'll be awhile coming :)  But for now, every little sale helps a LOT!

Find these in my Etsy shop. <3

What are you thankful for this week?

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