15 April 2012

Playin' footsie.

Um, I just really like my feet.

Mostly ever since I got that ridiculously painful tattoo and it's been cooped up all winter long...isn't it cute?

And those shoes!  Totes adorbs.  And cheap (like $9 at AJ Wright before they went belly up and I still had a discount from working @ Marshalls, which is thankfully still open).

Anyway, it's Sunday, and there is (also thankfully) a Sandra Bullock mini marathon on FX.
Do you know how much I adore Sandra Bullock?  Well, it's a LOT.
Especially as right now, it's The Proposal with man candy Ryan Reynolds.

Whom I would very much like to play footsie with.  Yummy yum yum.

Ahem. Anywayyy.

What's your sleepy Sunday full of?


1 comment:

Laura Darling said...

I am so upset I missed the Sandra Bullock marathon! I love her!