08 April 2012

"It would be so nice...

growing old with you..."

Sitting here on my couch, watching The Wedding Singer, and making more wedding plans.  How much better could a Sunday evening get?

Yesterday was AMAZING!  We were able to go to our wedding venue and do the walk-through, and we decided to put down our deposit!  The building is old and has the most beautiful architecture, and all of it matches our wedding colors.  Awesome.  After the walk-through, my dad took us to eat at this great little restaurant right on Lake Erie and we got to talk more and hang out more than we've gotten to for the last few months.  It was fantastic.  And we rounded off the night with some birthday celebrations with one of my oldest friends, and some bro time with my soon to be brother in law.  

ok so this picture's from like 2 years ago, but that's my future bro. I <3 him.
So now that my reception venue is booked, and I know that I'm doing the ceremony at the falls, I am SO excited to be able to start making more of the minute detail plans.  Like now, I can decide on theme, centerpieces, dresses...  YES!


Today was a really nice and relaxed Easter.  Usually all holiday events are a huge rush and hassle, since we usually get my fiance's daughter and then have to go to his and my family events...and have her home at a certain time.  But this year we let her mom keep her all day for Easter, since her husband's family had morning plans anyway, so we didn't have to worry about rushing around for that (Plus since our wedding is going to be next Mother's Day weekend, and his daughter's my mini maid of honor, she won't be around for Mother's Day weekend, so we're conceding some holiday time now)  And my family doesn't celebrate Easter much since my grandfather passed away, so we were free to just go to my fiance's uncle's house and have delicious food and wonderful family time <3

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter with their families/friends/whomever!


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