09 April 2012

Just BE.

Life is stressful.  It's full of twists and turns, of horrible things no one deserves to go through, and of wonderful things everyone should be able to experience at least once.

The thing with life, is you generally only get one shot at this.  Unless you choose to believe in reincarnation, one life on this Earth is all we're blessed with.  And each day should be looked at as a gift.  A new chance, a new opportunity for joy.

Forget regret, for each moment happens for a reason, and leads you into the person you're supposed to become.  Even the inexplicable parts of life have purpose, even when we can't always recognize it at the time.

Be inspiring.
Be absurd.
Be gleeful.
Be dramatic.
Be you.

By me, with brushes from {Adrienne Looman}

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justByou . said...

I love this post! Every word is so true. Our Etsy shop name is...just B you...so your post goes so well with our shop name and the reason behind why we chose it!
I'm a new follower here from Blogging Buddies. =)