11 April 2012

Simply Seven

Today I decided to do something different and link up with GentriLee for her Seven Questions Wednesday linky party.  Because let's face it, answering random questions is pretty entertaining :)

I just enjoy this picture. It feels very rock&roll to me.

1. Would you rather have your life be a constant vacation or always stay home?
Always stay home.  I hate being there a lot of the time...and sometimes have incurable bouts of wanderlust, but I'm really so much of a homebody and all of my favorite things and people are here already.

2. What is your favorite book?
I really don't think I can pick a favorite.  I adore the entire Harry Potter series, and all of the Walking Dead graphic novels, and pretty much every book by Neil Gaiman I've ever read...but there's something about the children's book The Polar Express that I've always LOVED.

3. You have to be on a reality tv show- which would you chose?
The Real World.  Because it's the original & it's ridiculous.
Is it even on anymore??

4. What is your favorite form of exercise?
Probably Pilates.  I only do it at home with the DVD's, but it's so calming to me. And if you actually do it often and correctly enough, it slims you a bunch :)

5. What is one thing that you've never tried but are CONVINCED you hate?
Clams.  Seriously, that just looks wrong. It's like you're eating bogies...guhross!!!

6. Do you have any hidden talents?
It might be wishful thinking, but I'm a pretty good singer.  My fiance tells me we should record a song together because I have such a nice voice :)  But, I can only do it when I'm being silly and joking around in front of like three people. Otherwise, I get all shy and can't sing at all!

7. What's the best prank you've ever pulled?
I'm not really a prankster.  I never come up with a good idea for anything! 
I think I did get my sister with a whoopie cushion once...that about tops it.


AFwife7911 said...

I am such a homebody too! It gets lonely sometimes, but that's what I have my furkids for :)
You should make a video of you singing, put it on Youtube (but put it here first so we can say we know you for the next happening), and become FAMOUS! :)

Gentri said...

PLEASE sing for us! :D I want to hear! :)