24 April 2012


I wish I had a day job that let me wear cute outfits to work.
Well, technically I could wear cute outfits to work, but since half or more of my day is spent out on the shop floor, digging up missing parts, the cuteness would be ruined forever.  No bueno.
So I pretty much wear jeans and some sort of tshirt that I don't mind getting wrecked every day.


If I had a less icky job, I would want to dress like this



I don't really know why I decided to go with these pictures actually - they're like all wearing blazer type things, and I'm not a huge fan of those.

Here are some of my real-life inspirations. 

Cat. One of my bestest friends ever, she is such an amazingly beautiful person, inside and out...and she's always wearing the perfect outfit!!
My sister Nanci (here with her husband Paul - this is from their engagement session), always in the best outfit! Look at the cute denim dress with cowboy boots. Perfection.

And some pretty things I want to buy. ASAP.
Actually, the pretty lady from the bottom picture is also one of my new style icons.  You can find her blog here {violetbella} and scope out her fantastic style and her awesome shops.


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Anonymous said...

you know some beautiful stylish people! and i love blazers too