13 May 2012


This is my mom.
Well technically, it's me and my mom, but still. 
This is my momma.

My mom has taught me kindness.
She has taught me patience.
She has taught me the importance of family.
She has taught me the difference between right and wrong.

She is there when I'm happy.
She is there when I'm sad.
She is simply there for me, no questions asked, whenever I may need her.
She is there to listen when I need to talk.

This is my grandma.
But I call her Geegaw.  (because I found out it means jewel, and that's what she is to me)
Or sometimes grand mere, because it's French and sounds fancy.

My Geegaw has taught me forgiveness.
She has taught me to love, above all.
She taught me to make chocolate chip cookies.
She taught me to sew. To crochet. And to embroider.
She teaches me what it means to work hard for something.  Especially when it's marriage, or family.

I am insanely lucky to have these women in my life.  They have both taught me to love myself, and that true beauty comes from within.  (Neither wears makeup, except for the most special occasion).  They've both taught me how to spot a good shopping deal ;-)  They make me want to make them proud of me.

This is my (soon to be) stepdaughter.
She already has an amazing mom.  
I am lucky to share many good qualities with her mom - craftiness, love of sci-fi, great hair.  
But, I am even luckier to have my stepdaughter in my life.
She inspires me to be better in every way, to be someone she can look up to.
She inspires me to be loving, patient, and kind.
She inspires me to let the past stay in the past, and help to mend bridges burned long ago between her mother and my fiance.  
& she (so kindly) informed me that the advertisements that come on before movies are in fact called "trailers", and not previews.  Thanks, kid.


Here is to all of the mothers, step mothers, mother in laws, pet moms, etc etc.
Have the happiest of Mother's Days.
Much love to you all.

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