14 May 2012

Live Healthy Challenge.

So, I don't know if you know this about me or not...
but when it comes to making and keeping goals, I'm pretty horrible.
Like, last weekend when I wrote out some goals for the week? Yeah, I failed on all of them.
Though I was sick all week. So it was kind of hard to keep up on the "goal" thing when I was working on the "not dying" thing. Yaknow?

Well, at my work, they've started this new health initiative that includes this new "Live Healthy Challenge".
In the past they've done this Biggest Loser thing, which I wasn't around for, and it had a good response so they decided to start this.  Only this one isn't a weight loss challenge, it's more of a series of weekly goals to help teach/retrain you to live a more healthy and active lifestyle.

This week's "challenge" is to start keeping track of what you eat and how much exercise you get, by keeping a food diary and fitness journal.  I've kept food journals before when trying to pinpoint migraine triggers, but making sure to also keep track of how much activity I'm doing is new.

Today, the first day of the challenge, I've managed to write down everything I've eaten (and I didn't really do any exercise so I don't have to write that down lol), so I think this'll be a pretty easy way to start the healthy challenge.  And I started taking this new V3 vitamin thing that's supposed to help improve your energy & mood & decrease your appetite.  So we'll see if it does anything. 

 The Jotter notebook I'm using to keep track of my food and fitness.
The bag I would buy for my workout gear, if I had any money at all. {giftshopbrooklyn} 
I bought a pair of these yoga pants like three years ago, and I STILL wear them constantly.  These are just superb, and I soooo want another pair!  {herbandevi}

So tell me, what are your secrets for staying healthy and fit?
What are your favorite activities?


Samantha King said...

I LOVE the notebook! Definitely think that keeping a food journal is beneficial - I always find it helpful to 'wake me up' to what I'm really eating. I find that writing my mood also in correlation with how much I'm eating/what I'm eating is very interesting and helps to pinpoint WHY I eat certain things at certain times and then either deal with that or eliminate it. My major secret, though, is to cut the carbs. My weight fluctuates BADLY - I put on weight incredibly quickly but also lose weight fast if I cut the carbs drastically. I'm currently on a 'lose weight' stint and have cut my carbs to less than 20g a day (though I'm pretty used to what I can and can't eat now and generally don't bother with counting the grams) - it's basically the Atkins diet, but I don't eat all the fatty foods you're allowed to. Sorry, that was rather long :)

LolitaRose said...

I've actually been hovering around the same weight for the last year or so (at least, i think...all my clothes still fit LOL) but I definitely snack too much & eat a ton of carbs. I've already been trying to switch to "healthier" carbs, with whole grains and it's quite yummy. I'll have to start keeping track of my mood too! Great tip!