22 May 2012

My laptop hates me.

It's true.

For some reason, it gives me about 10 to 15 minutes of usage before freezing.  And then it won't even unfreeze, so I have to hard reboot it.  And then it just does the same darn thing again.

Which means...no new pictures.
Of anything.  Including shop stuff!! ARGGGGGH.
Until I figure out how to fix it.
(Which means taking it to work and begging the nice IT guys to figure it out for me.)

But anyways.  Some stuff:

This is a few years old.  My fiance and I and two friends at a festival concert in New Jersey. Actually, the only "vacation" I've ever been on that wasn't with family.  It was incredible.

1: Remember my post about goals?  And how one of the goals was eating one full thing of yogurt?  DONE.  In fact, I've manned myself up enough to eat ONE cup of yogurt every morning.  At least on work mornings.  I've decided it's not so much the flavor as the texture.  I just eat it super fast.

2: That Live Healthy Challenge!  So, I kind of bummed out during week one...I kept the food journal til Thursday, lost it, and now haven't written anything down because I can't remember where I put it.  This week's goal is all about walking.  Apparently, you're supposed to walk at least a mile per day, to keep your weight consistent and to help increase bone density and heart health.  And they gave us a pedometer to keep track of how far we walk in a day.  So far today, I've already taken 3960 steps, which  means I've walked 1.749 miles today.  And that's just by doing my regular job! Wowza.

This is me at my job.  I'm hiding from the camera, kind of. :)

3:  Today my head hurts a bit.  Because it has decided to do away with warm sunny weather (okay, sweltering heat that I'm sort of excited to get rid of for a day), and give us coulds and intermittent rain showers.  I wish my head wasn't so in tune with barometric pressure changes!!

4:  Last night we had "cookout" food for dinner.  Which meant we discovered that neither I nor my fiance can figure out a charcoal grill, but still had delicious hot dogs from a frying pan.  And I made pasta salad and barbeque baked beans, so today's lunch is divine.  Plus I get to go home and have some leftover bread dip. 

5:  Tonight I get to put together the shower favors for my cousin's baby shower!!  I'm super excited...I love planning parties apparently, because I've orchestrated a lot of her shower, and practically all of my sister's shower too. 

Um, apparently I had a lot to talk about.
But now...back to work.



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justByou . said...

Aaawww....I hate computer issues! I hope those IT guys can fix it for you.
Yay for cookout dinners! And...Don't worry, I can't do the charcoal thing either. =)

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