10 May 2012

Summer Lovin'

...Had me a blast.
Summer Lovin'
Happened so fast!

Well, I am still sick.  Better than Monday, not as fit and fresh as I want to be.
As in, I do about ten minutes of activity and I am tired again.
Also, still congested, though that is slowly going away too.

On my other couch. Wrapped up attractively in my fiance's hoodie, wearing a sparkly headband from {knotieties} to make myself feel better.
But, in between napping and blowing my nose (hah, major attractive thought there), I have managed to get some photos I've been sitting on edited all nice and pretty for my Etsy shop!  I'm finally starting to halt on the whole buying supplies thing, which means I haven't been buying a whole lot of beads lately for a change.  I've actually started using up the loads of pretty beads I've been collecting since I was 19.  Which has led to some designs I would have never dreamed up.  And as always, the simpler, the better.

Here's a peek at more summer designs:


I love these pieces, as they all contain my favorite summer time element - wooden filigree!  I adore the earthy feeling that wooden elements give to jewelry.  These are all definitely going to be  fixtures in my summer accessory wardrobe :)

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Samantha King said...

Those earrings are beautiful - the colours are gorgeous. I want!