09 May 2012


(That's French for Seven)
As in, seven questions :)
Linking up with Gentri again this week!

yeah. i got nothin'.
1. You just invented the next big thing! What is it called and what does it do?
Ooooh!!  That food generator thing like they have on Star Trek.  I'd call it the Fooderator.

2. Are you a lover or a fighter?
Lover probably.  Although apparently I yell a lot...

3. It's almost mothers day- if you could tell your mom anything, what would it be?
Thank you.  Although that doesn't even begin to cover all my bases where she's concerned.  She's by and far the most incredible person I know (well, besides my baby sister).

4. Do you like your hair curly, wavy, or straight?
My hair is naturally curly/wavy (depending on how long it is), so I usually wear it that way.  It's currently at the perfect length to never have a bad hair day. Score.

5. If it was your last day to live, what would you do?
I guess mostly, I'd really want to be surrounded by the people I love.

6. What color are your eyes? Do you like the color?
Brownish hazel.  Sometimes they're a golden brown, sometimes they're really green looking.  I love my eyes.

7. Fish, beef, poultry, wild game, or tofu?
Poultry and wild game.  I don't eat beef as a rule, and fish are friends not food.
I love chicken and turkey, and venison too!

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Gentri said...

I'm glad other people have said wild game. As bad as I feel for Bambi, it's clean.