17 June 2012

I love it when you call me Big Poppa...

This is a post for all the fathers I know.
For my daddy, and my wonderful grandfathers.
For my friends who have children.
For my uncles, and my brother in law (who is soon to have his first!)

And for my absolutely amazing fiance.  (yesterday, i was grudgingly {because i really am princessy} helping him rake up the grass clippings in the yard {ugh it was hot and such a stupid chore} and he said "I can't wait until Boo needs spending money so I can make her do this stuff for her allowance", to which i responded, "Yeah, like you'd make her do anything. She's got you wrapped around her finger."  His response? "Yeah you're right. I'm gonna be so screwed." Hahah i love him.)

Also, it is a little creepy to say daddy.
Like, "who's your daddy". 
Legit, kinda pervy.

Moving on.

my fiance and his daughter.  this was at pizza hut. and also, neither one of them looks like they're giving a real smile. dorks.

this is me and my dad at my sister's wedding.  the last really happy day any of us has really had.

Me and my grandpa Byron.  I love him. So much.

Um, and because I can't resist.


★ JASMINE ★ said...

Love the post hunnie! Thank you for the comment today! :) Very nice of you!

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing family pics with us :) i think my hubby is looking forward to having little child servants LOL don't forget to check out my $50 gift card giveaway :)