15 June 2012

dear friday.

I just love this.
dear fiance: i hope you know how hard i'm crushing on you right now.  yes, i love you...but i still have the biggest crush on you.  i can't wait to spend my forever with you <3  dear eyelids: yes, i know you're struggling to stay open right now, but bear with me here.  only six hours til we can nap!  dear almond joy: stop being delicious so i can eat the yogurt i brought today.  good intentions and all.  jerkface. dear bank account: stop reminding me of how broke i am. not. cool.  dear work: today i hate you, because you totally ruined my date with my bed.  dear sandusky: jail is too good for you. i hope they fry your ass.

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on other topics...
hi :)
so next weekend is our engagement photo session!  i am so beyond excited. i seriously cannot wait!!  our photographer(s) are amazing.  i can't wait to see what they do!

i know i said i wasn't going to post a picture of the dress i ordered until the photos...but... i love it so much.  so it is this one:
tell me it's not fabulous!  i cannot wait til it comes in..custom made just for me and everything! eek!

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