06 June 2012

Maison sweet maison...

{so, maison totally means house in French}
{so, you'd totally assume I was talking about home sweet home right?}

Nope.  Talking about the most fabulous candle I think I've ever purchased at Marshalls.  Although it totally sucks to buy candles there because then you NEVER find them again.  No bueno.  This particular delicious candle has a label on it of the brand "Maison", and is Raspberry Fizz flavored scented.  And you think I can find it via Google?? Wrong.  So so sad.  Needless to say, if someone works internet magic and finds it for me, we're best friends. Like, officially.

My new laptop came.

I convinced my mom that I needed a new one for my birthday (true.  I needed a new one badly, my old one didn't have enough RAM {whatever the heck that is} to run any of my stuff properly), and then HP had a sale and booooosh. New laptop.  Hurray for superbly loving parents.  Thank you mommy.  And also, my birthday is in August if we're keeping track.  Early birthday gifts ftw.

So, now I've finally figured out how to connect to the internet (push the wifi button...duh) and have successfully reinstalled my photoshop actions...we are sooo back in business.  Woot Woot.

Oh and here, just cuz.

{mason jar candles}
{apple blossom candle}
{beeswax candles}
{citrus candle}

Some fabulous candles I intend to purchase from Etsy when I have more in my Paypal account...though I did just buy the Apple Blossom one.  I'll be sure to make you all jealous by talking about how awesome it is when it comes in :)


★ JASMINE ★ said...

Love the post hunnie! and congrats on the new laptop! that is sweetness! Thank you for the comment too! I love reading your blog posts and will miss them when i'm on vacation this weekend!

Say hi when I'm back ok?


Anonymous said...

I had the same problem with the exact same candle! I got it at Home Goods and they only had 2 and I needed 5 (for a candle holder). So I bought the two figuring I could find them online somewhere, but now I can't. :(