03 June 2012

Somethin' to talk about

Alright, is it just me who sings that song in Will Ferrell's voice every time they hear it now?
Ya know, like in StepBrothers?  When he sings it to his step bro before they start up their entertainment company?  
Just me? 
Okay then.

So here are my random thoughts of the week:
1- I suck at being healthy.  I was going strong for like two weeks, and then this week I totally bombed.  I blame memorial day, a retirement celebration at work, and two baby showers.  Seriously, it's so hard to be good when it tastes soooo good to be bad. Ohh yummy meatballs and bread dip...why must you be so calorie laden?

2- I am merely one sale away from 200 in my {Etsy} shop!!  When this happens, I will be posting a giveaway.  In this giveaway, will be a totally one of a kind piece that I love, so you should try to win it and tell all your friends to try to win it too.  Mmmkay?  Yupp, that's what I thought.

I know, my fingers are wrinkly like a 100 year old woman, but seriously how darn cute is this {brooch}?!

3- I am also reallllyyyyy close to 200 {Facebook} fans.  So once again, tell your friends and be rewarded with a giveaway. :)

4- I am really ridiculously good at throwing baby showers.  Probably bridal showers too, as I planned my sister's Mad Hatter Tea Party shower pretty much by myself.  And that was super duper awesome.

5- I hate it when it rains.  Scratch that, I love the rain. I love the coolness that comes with it (even when it's cold and damp and icky, as it's perfect hot chocolate weather), and I totally love thunderstorms.  But every single time it decides to rain, thus dropping the barometric pressure, my head decides it's time to begin its murderous plot against me.  And by that I mean, I get wicked killer migraines that there's no helping.  Boo.

6- I officially have a huge crush on Captain America now, as well as Thor.  I suppose we could throw in Iron Man as well, but he's too cocky and sarcastic for my taste.  I guess I prefer the old gentlemanly ones.

 7- I am super excited about my new followers!  I can't wait to share my first blog giveaway with all of you!  It's going to be so awesome :)

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Anonymous said...

That is SO awesome you're almost at 200 sales! Congrats! And that brooch is lovely! I love your new blog header too!