08 June 2012

Oh I hate violence, but oh, drugs are bad!

Friday night.
Watching Grandma's Boy.
{I am simultaneously a 15 year old boy, a 16 year old girl, and an 80 year old woman}

Today, in celebration of not winning a single giveaway like...ever, I decided to take myself shopping.
Um, and also get stuff for my sister's baby shower I forgot about before (big shocker - I still forgot some stuff).
So, I went to Target (that's tar-jay if you're fancy) because it's probably my favoritest store in the whole world (totally a word, look it up) (oh you did?  well, you must not have the new fangled dictionary. just roll with it. mmkay?) because I wanted to look for a dress for our upcoming engagement photos.  Needless to say, I didn't get a dress, but still ended up spending close to a cool Benjamin there.  On what you may ask?  Well, this stuff here:

{neon hoodie}
A bright hoodie. Because all but one of my other hoodies have been relegated to being "work" hoodies (meaning they smell like coolant and probably have grease/dust/dirt stains), and this has been taunting me for like a month.  Love.

{the strange case of halestorm}
New Halestorm CD.  True story - I had no idea who this band was til like a week ago.  Then I heard this song on the radio and was in LOVE with this woman's voice.  Hardcore. Like whoa.

And I got some bandaids (due to the foot trauma of this morning...), some allergy meds (for my poor fiance), and the latest Julia Quinn novel (because if I'm not reading the Walking Dead comic books, I'm usually reading historical romance novels...hence the 80 year old woman).

And then I went to WalMart (because ya know, it's not a full day if you don't go to WalMart), for the baby shower stuff I forgot at Target, and ended up with this:

{maybelline color show nail lacquer}
Um, only not purple (though my favorite color, my life is shockingly lacking purple).  I got it in "Keep up the Flame" and "Orange Fix".  LOVE.  I got "Born With It" last week, and loved it so much I needed other colors.  I am in the midst of a bit of a nail polish obsession lately.  {speaking of which, why is it that i decide to do my nails and then immediately think of eight zillion things i need to do, ensuring that at least one (but probably all) of my nails end up messed up because i won't wait for them to dry??}  I think I need to buy "Keep up the Flame" to give to all my bridesmaids, because it's a really awesome red.  Loving it.

You see now how important things I actually need are forgotten about.  I'm like a raccoon.  Easily distracted by pretty or sparkly or shiny things.  And glitter.  I really need to buy some glittered nail polishes soon.  They have really nifty colors right now.

OH!  And I'm still one sale away from 200 in my {Etsy} shop.  Someone help a sistah out, would ya?  I'll throw in something suppperrrrrr special.  Seriously.

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