10 June 2012

I forgot to feed my goldfish.

Probably for like two days now.
Good thing they're pretty sturdy little buggers.
{this is why i don't have a cat. or dog. or child.}
{my fishies do have names though!  odin. edmond. reginald redfish. zazz blamatazz. and ron burgundy.}

This was one of the bestest (it's a word. legit.) weekends I've had the pleasure of having in a long time.  Yesterday was my little sister's baby shower (pictures later) and it was really pretty awesome.  I kind of planned most of it, so I am especially glad that everyone had so much fun and my sister got everything she could possibly need or want.  My little nephew is going to be one lucky little guy!  He's already loved by so many!  The craziness of the baby shower was followed by a really fun date night with my fiance.  He's just picked up a bunch more shifts at his work, so we've barely seen each other this past week.  Saturday night we were able to go someplace we've never gone before: the Ellicottville Brewing Company.  And of course, once I figure out exactly where my computer puts pictures I get from my SD card, I will be posting pictures of our delicious dinner.
Today was fun, since I got to visit an old friend who was kind enough to throw a party for my jewelry!  I got to meet her son for the first time (he's adorable. i wanna steal him haha.), and catch up and eat beer bread.  Perfection.  This was followed by a two second idea to go to the beach (the parking lot was sooo full I ended up leaving before parking even...i didn't wanna be a lone creeper at the packed beach!!), and I ended up at the bar my fiance works at.  Where I indulged in a delightful meal, including my favorite chicken finger wrap ever (jalapeno honey bbq sauce, heck yes.)  Oh, did I mention I got to spend the day driving around my dad's Lincoln Town Car??  Holy boatmobile Batman.  It's like five times the size of my Focus.  It was awesome.

In only two weeks, my fiance and I get to finally have our engagement photo session!!  I've been so excited for months, and have been looking for a pretty dress to wear since I booked the date.  Seriously, every single time I walk into a store (whether it's WalMart or a boutique!) I immediately end up in the dress section, looking for something cute.  Thus far, I've come up with nada.  Zilch, zip, nothing. Until today! I found this wonderful vintage inspired dress on Etsy, and the seller said she can have it here in time.  Custom made just for me!! I'm not posting a picture yet but...pink.  Heck. Yes.


Stephanie H. said...

Sounds like such a good weekend!!

I totally know what you mean about finding yourself in the dress section of EVERY store. I just had some one-year anniversary photos done and I was in and out of so many stores looking for the perfect dress. I never found it but I did find a cute shirt and pair of jeans that were just perfect for it. I can't wait to get the pictures back and share them!! I'm so excited for you to do your engagement shoot - they are so fun!

LolitaRose said...

Yeah I was *trying* to find a white dress, cuz I'm the bride ya know, but NOTHING looked even close to cute. and then some of the stuff i liked was just too busy for pictures, and didn't fit right, and blah blah blah. I am SO excited for this dress to come!! It's perfect! & happy one year anniversary <3

Jennifer said...

Love that fish necklace!
Can't wait to see your dress!

xo Jennifer