06 July 2012

Dear Friday...

another from our engagement session...pretty much what's always on our feet!

dear heatwave: seriously, it is weird living in a place that has both high heat warnings and cold weather warnings, so if you could just chill out a bit, that would be great. kthxbye. dear sweet tea: you're undoubtedly horrendous for me, but thank you for keeping me cool and tasting oh so delicious.  dear jeans: it was a bad idea to wear you today.  dear baby brother: you're 20, so i shouldn't still call you that, but thank you bunches for randomly mowing the hayfield that was my backyard.  i much appreciate having a nice shady spot to hangout in now, with my fabulous new/old quilt and a book. you're the bestest ever.  dear sewing machine: we should hangout soon.  dear etsy: i'm sorry you've been so sorely neglected as of late.  i've been lacking inspiration... dear fiance: thank you for your unwavering belief in me, and your unconditional love. you mean more to me than i can put into words. 

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kaylee said...

I love the photo so cute! The chucks & tattoos are perfect!